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Extended MOTD

Do NOT Argue With Staff on Their Descision

If you think you were wrongfully punished, speak to staff maturely through admin chat (type @ before your message, e.g. “@Can you explain why I was slain?”, to speak directly to staff online) and explain why you believe you shouldn't have been punished. If the staff members online do not agree that you shouldn’t be punished but you still believe they’re wrong, please drop it after a reasonable amount of time. Try not to continue through multiple rounds or maps as this will not solve anything. If you still believe you were wrongfully punished approach the higher ups through the forums or discord.

No Random Death Matching (AKA “RDM”) will be tolerated

If you kill a player without sufficient evidence you will receive 1 slay. Although if you come onto the server with the intent to blatantly kill anyone you feel like killing you can receive 2 slays per player that keeps a report on you. If you receive 4 slays in 1 map you will receive a 1 week ban. Points also may be offered instead of receiving your slay(s). If you were supposed to receive 1 slay you can pay “X” amount to the victim instead of receiving a slay if the victim agrees. If you were receiving more than 1 slay for either a BRDM or 2 different reports you may only pay off one of those.

Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Harassment & Disrespectful Behaviour

This server will not tolerate any form of racism, homophobia, sexism, harassment, disrespectful behaviour or comments. If you are found to be doing any of this without care you will find yourself gagged/ muted (If you apologise immediately because it was a genuine slip you may just be warned instead). A member of staff will then message you asking you to make sure it doesn’t happen again and then you should be ungagged after receiving that message. You may be gagged for a full round if you have shown previous bad behaviour or used more bad language upon being gagged/ muted in the chat you weren't gagged/ mute in. You may also be punished if you are found replacing a few letters in order to try and avoid this rule. It is seen just as bad as the original word and you will be punished just as you would if you said the slur. If you continue after the punish is lifted you will remain gagged/ muted for 1-2 rounds (up to staff discretion). If you continue again after the punishment is lifted you will remain gagged/ muted for an entire map and if you are to continue once more you may face a permanent gag or a minge ban depending on your overall behaviour.

Meta-Gaming or Ghosting

Meta-gaming is, but not limited to, releasing game breaking information to a player that is still alive, when you are dead. Making alliances with your friends when you are a traitor and telling them who is t or the location of other players etc also falls under metagaming/ghosting. If you give a traitor weapon to an innocent with their knowledge and neither party attempts to kill/ KOS the other this is also considered metagaming. Ghosting is when you tell an alive player while you are dead information about the game in order to help them, either through PM’s or a third party program. If you were to tell them where a player is or if you are to tell them something like “the traitor just planted a C4, run” these are a few examples of ghosting. All staff has the ability to know if you are metagaming/ghosting and will be watching. The punishment for metagaming/ghosting is a 4 week ban. If you feel you have been wrongly banned for metagaming/ghosting make an appeal on our forums.

Gagged/ Muted

Being gagged stops you from being able to use your microphone in game. Being muted stops you from being able to use chat apart from suits zoom/console bound radio commands. There are many ways to get yourself gagged/muted, apart from the inappropriate language mentioned above under the “Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Harassment, Disrespectful Behaviour” paragraph you can also be gagged for having a microphone with bad feedback (when you speak we can hear your game/others through your microphone), having an extremely loud microphone/screaming into your microphone or even putting it so close to your mouth that it sounds like you’re swallowing it. Unless your microphone use is considered to be disrupting the game you should be warned/asked to fix your mic before being gagged. Although some cases you will be gagged and then told why (this is up to staff discretion).

Traitor Baiting

Traitor Baiting is when you do an act that makes other players believe you are a Traitor. There are many forms of traitor baiting which can include: Shooting at or behind someone to make them think you are trying to shoot at them; Sniping props or windows from high areas or on sniper maps (large open maps); Saying things which would indicate you are a Traitor, examples of this are, “Why is my crosshair red?”, “What does it mean when it says Traitor in my bottom left corner?”, “What does it mean when there is a “T” above _____’s head?” and straight out saying, “I’m a Traitor!” or, “.rotiarT” (even if you say you’re joking you can still be KOS’d/ killed); Calling yourself proven without having any evidence to support it is also Traitor Baiting and can result in your death if a player calls a KOS with proof that you are lying about being proven; Weilding a prop next to a player who is standing on the edge/ ledge of a high area would be considered Traitor Baiting and you may be killed as a result. If you are traitor baiting and a player attempts to kill you for it but you kill them and they report you, you will be slain as your traitor baiting was the only reason that player died. If you were traitor baiting it does not fall under self defense. This is only a few examples of Traitor Baiting as there are far too many examples to list. If a member of staff says you Traitor Baited, then you did. If you feel they are incorrect, speak to a higher member of staff to confirm. Any form of Traitor Baiting is KOSable/ will get you killed.

Map Exploiting & Glitching

Map exploiting basically if you get to a spot you can't normally reach by jumping then you probably shouldn't be there. If you are found to be in a part of the map you are not supposed to be in you will be teleported and warned by a member of staff. If you are stuck in someone else, please try your magneto stick before asking staff to teleport you; If you are still stuck, tell a member of staff by typing @ before your message. If you are caught messing with certain features of a map you aren't supposed to, eg. causing props to be stuck in doors and the cars on 67th way, also using the piece of cement or other props on 67th way to kill/damage players when they use the teleporters is also considered map glitching/exploiting, as these props fly out of the doors/cars and more often than not kill players near them. Spamming your use key on any elevators to cause them not to fully open, (example of this is on the map floodlights) this can be considered glitching/map exploiting also. If you continue to mess with such things/argue against them being exploits after being warned you will receive a 1 month ban.

Props/ Prop Killing

As a traitor you are allowed to prop push/ kill. If you are innocent and there has been an agreed prop fight, you may do so although if there hasn’t or you have damaged/killed a bystander, you could be reported and slain for RDM. If you witness a prop fight happening, do not join in unless both parties agree, otherwise you could be at fault for damaging/ killing them. Prop killing/damaging whilst spectating a prop when dead is not allowed; Also if you are found messing with the game as a prop (blocking entry ways etc) you will be warned and punished accordingly.

No Unreadable, Duplicate or Game-Breaking Names

Names must be pronounceable in English. Game-breaking names include "an unidentified body", "Nobody", "a disguised person", "Me",”Traitor”, “Detective” etc. If you are asked to change your name and refuse staff orders, you will have 2 chances before receiving a minor ban. If you’re name is offensive or does not fit server rules you will be kicked and told to change your name after receiving 1-2 warnings. You will not receive any warnings if your name is deemed Racist, Homophobic, Sexist etc, you will be kicked immediately and asked to change it before you return.

No Room Claiming

You cannot claim an area and kill people for entering. You also cannot spam the use key on doors/elevators to keep people out; You will only be warned once to stop and if you don’t or do then start again later on, you will be slain on the spot. You also may not barricade areas off to cause other players difficulty getting to where you are.


If you are a traitor and you don’t kill anyone within the first 3 minutes you can be slain in round for delaying. If you have killed one person or more we will wait 1 extra minute before giving you a delay warning. Warnings will appear in the middle of the screen or through admin message warning you 3 separate times to stop delaying. You will get 30 seconds between each warning to kill someone. If you kill a player the warnings will reset although you still will only have 30 seconds between each kill or the warnings will start again.

Following/ Door Blocking

If you are being followed you may give the player 3 warnings with at least 5 seconds between each one before HIGH SUSSING, which is KOS only in overtime. You may also use turning corners or entering and exiting rooms to test whether they are following you. If there is a player blocking your only exit from a room you may also give them 3 warnings with at least 5 seconds between each one before killing or KOSing the player blocking you in. If you can, please use chat when warning people so that if you are reported, you have the evidence to show you warned them.

Prop Surfing

Prop surfing is when you use a prop to lift another prop up to cause you to fly. This is only allowed if you do not use it to get to a place on a map that is usually unreachable or out of sight.


Targeting is when you continuously kill, purposefully irritate, provoke, etc, a particular player. Doing this is against our server rules, if a player is doing this to you and you feel your experience is being ruined because of this, then we ask that you personally speak to the player, asking them to stop and if they continue we will give them one final warning before they receive a 4 week ban.


Minge is a term used on most Garry’s mod communities to describe players that act out on purpose or purposely do not follow the rules or play by dancing on the line of them. There are a very large amount of ways you can be a minge so they will not be all be listed here but we will try and give the best examples for you to get a good understanding of what being a minge is. You can be considered a minge if you are often very rude/hostile towards other players (possibly even discriminatory), purposely disobeying rules, doing traitorous actions while innocent knowing someone will attack you for it (t baiting), killing a player who is trying to kill you for traitor baiting, joining in on bad behaviour when it is present on the server, modifying your voice just to annoy others, consistently following/blocking players, actively trying to piss other players/staff members off because “it's funny”, doing things “for the memes”, being an innocent or detective and attempting or succeeding to break a T tester, being a detective and charging the axe or holding the charged axe on rooftops without attempting to get rid of it, being innocent or detective and getting rid of bodies with DNA or body that have no been ID'd, consistently rdming/brdming, consistently damaging other players as innocent or detective ( crowbarring, throwing props etc) and lastly just generally ignoring being told by a member of staff to stop doing a certain thing. Now like I mentioned there are many many more ways to be considered a minge but the general gist is to do things you know you shouldn’t or to blatantly ignore requests to stop. If you have been on the server for a while and you have consistently shown mingey behaviour over time, you may receive a ban for it; You may also receive a minge ban if you have been on only 1-2 nights but shown extremely mingey behaviour. This is up to staff discretion, so if you feel you have wrongfully received a minge ban, please make an appeal on the forums.

Holding Explosive Item

Holding an explosive item and running towards/ past a person or group of people is KOSable. On maps where explosive items are disguised as regular items, you can still be shot for carrying non-explosive items as this falls under traitor baiting.

Life Check or KOS

On this server “Life check or KOS” is not allowed. There are many reasons why players may miss them, you can call a live check, but players have no obligation to respond.

Hacking/ Scripts/ Macros

If you are caught using hacks, scripts, macros on this server you will be permanently banned.

Charged Axe on Rooftops

It is KOSable to charge the axe on Rooftops. You can also be KOSed if you are holding the axe without actively trying to get rid of it.

If I Die It’s “x”

Quite often you will hear players say something along the lines of “If I die I am with Bob.'“. If you hear this and find that player dead not long after, you are not allowed to call a KOS or even high sus “Bob” as it is not enough evidence against them. You can keep this information in mind and/ or let the server know that you are suspicious due to the circumstances and then proceed to keep an eye on them.

If a player is saying “its Bob“ or “Bob, Bob, Bo-!” and then their microphone goes yellow (this happens if a player is using their mic while they die) cutting them off you are allowed to KOS Bob, although be quite careful with situations like this,because in rare cases a player may just be trying to get the attention of another when they get sniped or shot in the back, etc. So be sure to listen to their tone of voice to properly make your decision before KOSing.

Detective DNA

There are many things that need to be covered under DNA so we will try our best to list them all here, although if you are unsure of something or know we are missing anything please don’t hesitate to let us know.

If you are an innocent/detective and you are to find a dead detectives DNA scanner rarecandy that has some DNA on it that you are unsure what body it came from, it is your decision to follow it or not although if you chose to follow this DNA and it turns out it came from a traitor’s body and you end up killing a proven innocent you are at fault and could receive a slay if the player keeps a report against you.

If you are found to be moving/hiding with a body that has DNA on it you can be high sussed as this can be seen as a traitorous act. If you are caught attempting to dispose of a body you also can be high sussed although if you actually do dispose of a body with DNA you can be KOS’d. (By dispose we mean, make the body no longer accessible, this is excluding binoculars eg. throwing a body off the edge or out of the map)

Mystery Box

As a detective, you can buy a mystery box which contains a T weapon. If this T weapon is stolen by another player you are able to high sus them for doing so. If a player destroys a detective’s mystery box while it is red, that detective has the right to call a KOS, if the detective does not call a KOS then no other player can KOS/ kill the player for breaking it.

Map-Secret; Innocent Wins

On many maps there are hidden, innocent wins where if players collect all props and take them to a certain spot the innocents instantly win the round. If you are found hiding these props you can be high sussed if the prop is still accessible but requires effort, although if you have put it in an area that is not accessible or only accessible with major effort you can be KOS’d.

Example of this is the “minecraft_b5” map we have that when you collect all the diamond blocks and place them in the furnace the innocents instantly win so getting rid of these blocks can cause high sus's and Kos's, below we will give you better understanding of what can get you KOS’d or high sussed.

Easily obtainable = nothing.

Being difficult but possible without discombobulator = hsus.

Being difficult and only possible by using discombob or other methods (e.g. cart surfing) = kos

Claiming Traitor Weapons

If you are an innocent, that is not proven, but has found/obtained a traitor weapon (map secrets, found on dead traitor’s body, just on the ground, etc) you must claim it in the text chat if you would like to hold it out without being killed. If you do not claim the traitor weapon but you are found holding it out, you are allowed to be KOS’d/ killed. We ask that you claim it in text chat so that you have the evidence to show you did, so that if a player wasn't paying attention and still kills or attempts to kill you for holding it out and you then wish to make a report.

Cancelling a KOS

If you have accidentally called a KOS on a player, in text chat, you must type “cancel” or “cancel KOS on Bob” to cancel the KOS. Spamming “No.” will not suffice as a cancel as other players may think you are referring to something else happening in game. If you do not type some form of “cancel” you will be considered at fault if the player gets killed for your KOS.

Identifying Bodies

You must identify bodies, if you are found passing or lingering around an unidentified body without making any attempt to ID it, you may be killed/ KOS’d. In saying this you also always need to give a player an adequate amount of time to ID a body, if the player begins attacking you or attempting to leave the body before identifying it, you may attempt to kill/ KOS them. If you kill someone, even if another player is slightly closer, you have an obligation to at least attempt to ID the body. You may not kill/ KOS an afk for being with an unidentified body, this is high sus at best.

KOSing off Location

KOSing off locations is when you say, “KOS the person in the tower”, which is not allowed on this server. While under our MOTD, it is stated that you can not hsus /kill a player based off of sounds /location, etc, this can be situational. If you and another player are in a room together with one exit and you leave said room and then hear something like a slam being placed and then proceed to go back into the room and see that item you heard, (which was not previously there) you can kill the player (make sure that you are 100% certain).


KOS stands for “kill on sight” this is a common acronym used in TTT to ensure the whole server knows when to kill a player. The first player to call a KOS in a fight, is the KOS the server needs to follow. Even if you think that they are lying you must follow the first KOS called before killing/ KOSing the other party (unless you know for certain). If a traitor is shooting lots of people and obviously ignoring you quite deliberately and you make no attempt to engage them, you may be KOS'd. You may also be high sussed if you fake to join in on fighting a traitor in order to not be KOS’d and another player notices that you were clearly avoiding to hit them.


A proven individual is defined by the person undeniably having proven their role via actions resulting in the death of a traitor or being tested via a traitor tester. If you are the player who first KOS’d a traitor or the player who got the kill on them, you would be considered proven. If you are involved in the fight meaning you did damage to the traitor you may also be considered proven if other players involved can vouch for you, although some players who were not involved or witness to, may not consider this enough to be proven. You would also be considered proven if a traitor calls you out as a traitor

Explosive Warnings

As an innocent you must give 3 text chat warnings that are at least 5 seconds apart each before you shoot an explosive item. If you feel no one is around and you shoot them but the barrel does end up damaging or killing a player, you will still be responsible if a report is kept against you. Shooting barrels which are near players even if it does not damage them may lead to you being KOS’d, as this is considered t-baiting. Giving warnings does not exempt you from shooting a barrel when players are near, so do not think just because you have given the proper warnings you are free to shoot the barrel as you please.

Damaging a Player

Crowbarring someone is enough for both a kos and slay if a report is made against you and kept. It's generally seen as a mingy thing to do and is treated as such.

Searching Bodies

When a player dies and you search the body, (pressing e on it) a menu will appear giving you information about them like their name, role, how/ when they died, if they bought any t/ d weapons, if they have killed anyone (if a player has left the server it will not appear on their list of kills), if they have any DNA, what weapon was used to kill them, if they were typing while they died it will show their last words and if you are the detective it also shows the last person you saw before you died. Once a body is ID’d there will be a magnifying glass next to said players body in the tab/ scoreboard menu for you, so that you can thoroughly search the body without having to stand still over top of it out in the open. If a detective ID’s a body though everyone gets that magnifying glass. Please make sure you thoroughly check bodies as this information will be very useful. In most cases there will be a KOS as a players last words that didn’t come up in chat. Also this will help you in situations where a player has killed an innocent for killing another innocent and knowing this information will help prevent you causing a RDM chain.

Ban Evasion

Ban evasion is when you have been banned on a different account so you use an alt account to still play on our server. This will result in a permanent ban so make sure you wait your bans out patiently or if you feel it was unjust or too harsh make an appeal on our forums.

Detective Equipment

If you are found attempting/ succeeding to destroy detective equipment (excluding mystery box ) without explicit direction from the detective that owns it, you can be killed/ KOS’d by anyone on the server.

False Reports

A false report is when you make a report that is for any other reason than you being RDM'd and wanting them slain. Such as, you know it is not the truth but make the report anyway, you know you will be forgiving it and just made it to have a laugh with a friend or you are trying to get the attention of another player (like a staff member). These are the most common false report reasons and if you are found to have made a false report you will be warned by a member of staff and asked to not make another false report or you may be slain yourself. We understand that this is a bit harsh but the reports menu is for serious situations for the staff to deal with and it does not need to be filled up by joke reports. Use "!p name message" to speak directly to one player and @message to speak to staff only.

High Sus

Being high sus’d will get you killed in overtime (5minutes into the game). If you do something highsusable in overtime you will be KOS’d instead. High susing happens if a player is found to be in a situation that makes them seem like a traitor but does not confirm that they are. There are many situations that can get you high sus’d and as there are so many we will be adding to the section at the bottom of this MOTD overtime to cover all of them, but for now we will do our best to remember them all. If you know any we are missing please don't hesitate to message a superadmin.

Common Sense

As much as common sense used to be a huge factor in this game, in the past few years it has turned into 100% evidence or do not kill for most servers still alive. This server is the same, unless you have 100% evidence against a player you can not KOS/ kill them. If you are convinced someone is a traitor and you have multiple situations that have led you to believe that but none of this directly incriminates them, then the best you can do is warn other players to keep their eyes on them, or do so yourself until you catch them doing something traitorous.


If you are caught saying spoilers to movies/ TV shows/ books, etc, depending on the situation you will be gagged and then messaged by staff saying that if you do it again during your playtime on this server, you will be facing a 1 month ban. If it is deemed intentional you may not receive that warning.

Self Defense

If you are KOS’d, damaged, fired upon or your life is threatened by another player you have the right to fight back against only that player. T baiting then killing the person that tries to kill is also not self defence. If you begin firing on anyone you see because you were KOS’d but they have not attempted to kill you, this is not self defence and you may face punishment. You must be shot at/ damaged by the player before you fight back or it will not be considered self defence, unless they were the player who called the first KOS or if they stated they were going to kill you. If a detective is firing at you when you're innocent you are allowed to fight back but there is an extremely large chance that you will be killed/ KOS’d by others due to killing a detective so it is best that you just let them kill you and report them.

Admin Chat

Admin chat is a way to speak privately to only the staff members online, you do this by placing an '@' in front of your message. Admin chat should only be used for important server/ game related stuff so it should not be used for casual comments or conversation; Leave that to PM's or discord. Please make sure to use admin chat if you feel there is metagaming or hacking happening on the server as we do not want to alert the players of us being aware and we also may not be on to them yet. If you are constantly misusing the admin chat you may be warned to stop or you may eventually face punishment.

Being With a KOS’d Player

If you are found to be hanging around a KOS’d player you may be high sussed if you are not being attacked or not attacking said KOS’d player. If there has been multiple text chat KOS’ on that player in roughly the last minute it can even be a KOS as you should be paying attention to the game at hand.

Previous Bans

If you have any previous bans on record you will receive 1 week extra for every past ban you have for any future bans you receive.


You may not kill AFK's until overtime (5minutres into the game (overtime will also be shown instead of the usual counter in the bottom left corner)). If an AFK is with unidentified bodies you may not kill them for not identifying them unless they come back in game and ignore them, although you may high sus the AFK for the traitor leaving them alive and killing the others around them.


If you have been caught throwing an incendiary grenade you can be KOS’d/ killed. If you have thrown a discombobulator in a high place where players can die or take damage from it you can also be KOS’d/ killed. Remember that discombobulators can affect players through walls. Lastly you may not be KOS’d/ killed for a smoke grenade so make sure you know which grenade a player has thrown before attempting to get them killed.


If you are an innocent and you find a c4 and attempt to disarm it around other innocents or in an area where it could affect many levels of a building or a large area where players may be, you can be a fault if it explodes and kills/hurts other players and they report you. Give a verbal and or text chat warning and check your surroundings before attempting to disarm a c4 or you may be reported and slain or even banned if you kill/hurt enough players and are reported for it.

If you are an innocent and successfully disarm a c4 but rearm it, you are putting others at risk as in more cases then not a player who finds a c4 will attempt to disarm it and if they fail you at fault as you should never arm a c4 as an innocent, even if it’s 10 minutes and you think it won’t even blow up before the game ends don’t arm it as stated before player may try to disarm it. If you are found doing this you will be warned and if you continue further you will begin receiving minge warnings which if you receive enough can get you banned.


If you have been reported due to you killing a player in crossfire, while trying to kill a Traitor or KOS’d player, then you will only take a slay if the staff member handling your report believes you were firing recklessly or could have easily avoided damaging/ killing the victim. So we will not take action against the reported player if the crossfire was understandably unavoivable or accidental.

Blatant RDM

Blatant RDM (BRDM) is the action of purposely killing or damage with no evidence, reasoning or thought. The punishment for BRDM or BARDM (Blatant Attempted RDM) is 2 slays instead of one. A player can sometimes make the mistake of RDMing that could be blatant RDM but would be issued a warning with the normal slay instead. However if the player repeats the mistake it would be considered blatant RDM. Some examples of this are; without thinking about the possibility of damaging/killing others or carelessly throwing incend grenades as an innocent player or discombobs in areas that can damage/kill players, moving explosive barrels into popular or populated areas making it easier for t’s to shoot killing/damaging others. If you have received a warning about doing this you would receive 2 slays anytime you are reported for repeating it, If the reported player responded to a report with something stupid (e.g; smashed their keyboard or copy pasted responses) then it would be considered a blatant RDM also a response like “I couldn’t help myself” would not be proper reasoning and would be deemed mingey behaviour. There will be a list posted on our forums where I will try and list all the possible ways you could receive BRDM or BARDM slays.

Some Reasons to Call a KOS

Reasons to High-Sus