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Ban Appeal - Lambp (Lamipoo) - Lamipoo - December 29th, 2019

Thread Subject: Lambp (Lamipoo) Ban Appeal

Steam Name: I think it was "Lamipoo". If not it was "Lambp"

Steam Community:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:0 (This doesn't look right but whatever)

User Who Banned You: Bepis

Reason Of Ban: "Claims to have hacks"

Your Version Of The Events: Yeah I was kinda just straight up asking to be banned and wasn't getting banned so I started to say that I was "Hacking" and got banned for claiming that I was hacking. That is pretty much it. It was probably annoying to the staff online as well. 

Why You Should Be Unbanned : The main reason I wanted to become banned in the first place because I just thought I'd never play the game again and thought it would be funny xd to get banned. But sometimes, and I mean sometimes I rarely play anymore, I do want to play the game again, specifically TTT, and would like to play on a known server that has people that I know that play on it. Now I regret my decision to attempt successfully to get banned. Even If I don't play that often, it would be nice to have a known server to go to when I want to play the game. Plus, I wasn't actually hacking when I said I was. It was just an attempt to get banned. 

RE: Ban Appeal - Lambp (Lamipoo) - ✿ Princess Peasants ✿ - December 30th, 2019


Unfortunately this appeal cannot be accepted, this is one of the only types of bans (saying/joking you have hacks) that you in no way can be trusted again.