Been away for two weeks, but

Barrier Creator has 2 updates
Some moderation tools updated
New Score System started

The above may seem like I'm being lazy but barrier creator will only ever be used by super+, 
Moderation tools, don't want everyone to know what we have, otherwise minges and the like can work to avoid them, 
Score system - on top of the fact I'm still writing it and rewriting it (think of a new angle to approach it from and redo) and I've only done 4/18 things I'd like to do with it (so far). I am also aware of the potential for people to abuse it, to either gain points or to minge on others so they lose them. 

If you do want to know how what I've done so far works feel free to DM me over Discord, a lot of you I do trust, just the odd minge bag. (also for the newer players, it's not necessarily that I don't trust you, I just don't know you well enough, I've spent more time away or developing things than I have on server, this includes most people who weren't part of the last server (sorry), give it time and I should).

Last Update: Sometime more than 10 days before 31/1/19
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