Trial Moderator Application [Template]
Listed here are the requirements for the position of Trial Moderator on Sabertooth Gamings TTT server.
  • You must be at least 15 years of age. If you are younger and wish to apply approach a higher member of staff (Superadmin and above) for a possible exemption.
  • You must be able to show at least 10 hours a week throughout your trial period.
  • Active on the discord or willing to become active.
  • You must have no bans/warnings on record. Unless an appropriate amount of time has passed since (decided by Superadmin +) and you have shown you have not repeated this act since.
  • Microphone Required
Some important things to note: 
  • Putting an appropriate amount of time and effort into your application is expected.
  • Applying for a staff rank is a serious process. If you are here to disrupt this process, appropriate punishment may be distributed. 
  • You must be able to appropriately handle stressful situations.
  • A decent level of maturity is expected.
  • You must be able to act without bias in relation to administrative decisions.
  • You must understand that by being trusted with this rank, you act as an example for others and newer players, meaning you can not be doing anything you would usually have to tell another player off for. This is a major thing that will determine whether or not you will be accepted.
  • You must agree to not abuse/misuse your powers.
  • You must be able to control yourself in situations that upset you.
  • You must understand that you may not get accepted. 
  • If your application gets denied or you don't make it past trial moderator phase, please don't be discouraged. Take the feedback, improve, and try again at least 2 months later. If you act out due to not being accepted, you may not be eligible to apply again depending on the severity of the situation.

Trial Moderator Template

You must use this template and meet all the requirements above for your application to be considered.

Steam Name & Commonly known as/Aliases: Type here your steam name and or the name/s you go by in game or the discord.

Age: [Your current age]

Screenshot of your amount of time played on Sabertooth’s TTT: Do this by showing your Utime (top right hand corner blue & white box while in game) or looking on gametracker linked below. (

Questions about you:
  • Have you previously held a staff position on a TTT?
  • Are you familiar with ULX and/or RDM Manager?
  • Do you believe that you are still learning new things about the gamemode TTT?
  • How long/What time do you usually play TTT?
  • Would you find 10 hours a week something hard to achieve?
  • What is your timezone?
  • Have you previously been punished, MORE THAN A SLAY, on the server in the past 3 months? If so why?
  • Roughly what date did you first join Sabertooth gaming TTT? 
  • Have you read and understood all of our rules, including the extended MOTD? Located in the top right corner on the motd both on the forums and in game.
  • What's the most important thing that a staff member should keep in mind when dishing out any form of punishment?
  • By memory can you list all current members of staff for the TTT server?

Situational acts:

Situation one: 
Sally is an innocent and is chasing a KOS’d T down the corridor on community bowling towards the tester. She is shooting down the hall at the Traitor with a huge despite being quite far away. The Traitor then starts running down the hall behind the alley and Sally follows continuing to shoot the huge at the Traitor. While firing she ignites a few explosive barrels which then explode killing the Traitor but also 3 innocents that were down the hall or around the corner and they all report her and kept the reports.

What would you consider this situation to be?
How would you deal with the reports?

Situation two:
Player Steve at the start of the round holds up an explosive barrel and start chasing Michael with it. Michael repeatedly asks him to stop following him with the barrel but Steve just laughs it off and says he will kill him while continuing to chase him with the barrel; Michael then shoots the barrel killing himself. Michael proceeds to report Steve which Steve responds with “you shot the barrel not my fault” and Michael does not forgive him.

What would you consider this situation to be?
How would you handle this report?
Is there anything else you would need to do?
If you have answered these situational acts well, you will be asked to have a chat on discord with @✿ Princess Peasants ✿, @"Addz"  and or @Thungo to answer a couple more questions and situational acts before receiving Trial Mod.

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