TheBulletNoob's Staff Application
Steam Name & Commonly known as/Aliases:  IG: TheBulletNoob / Discord: HollyMacro#3466

Age: 19 [20 in a month from today]

Screenshot of your amount of time played on Sabertooth’s TTT:

Questions about you:
  • Have you previously held a staff position on a TTT Server?
    I ran a TTT server for about a year and i was a moderator on another server that was shutdown to lack of funds.
  • Are you familiar with ULX and/or RDM Manager? 
    ULX yes RDM Manager i will need to study.
  • How long/What time do you usually play TTT? 
    From about 5pm AEST to around 1am AEST depending on when the server dies out from players.
  • What is your timezone? 
    +10 AEST
  • Have you previously been punished more than a slay on the server in the past 6 weeks? If so why? 
    I do not think so but if i have i probs did something stupid that i regretted after.
  • Roughly what date did you first join Sabertooth gaming TTT?
    Around late February 
  • Have you read and understood all of our rules? 
    Yes i have And i believe that if anyone was to apply for staff they would need to study the rules like a Test format from back in the school days
  • What's the most important thing that a staff member should keep in mind when dishing out any form of punishment? 
    They should always Check the situation and round deaths/reasoning to the deaths before punishing as well as seeing if the rules where broken by said person receiving said punishment.
  • By memory can you list all current members of staff for the TTT server?
    I can only name a few like Addz Thungo Kat and princess peasants, The others are on rarely so i cannot list there names as i do not know them off my heart like these guys/girls.
  • How long have you been playing TTT?
    about 2 years since my mate told me about it and we decided to run a server on it. [lasted for about 10 -12 months then we shut it down as we couldn't run it due to our life schedules]
  • How many communities have you been in? 
    i have been apart of 4 communities so far in the TTT sector of garrysmod as well as a few on the outside of TTT like Lucid roleplay, Neon DarkRP and one of the bigger communitys i don't know if they are still around but they are into City Rp Dark RP and Starwars RP.
  • If a fellow staff member or community member asked you to join the TTT server, how inclined are you to follow up on that request?
    I would join almost instantly unless i have a life issue to sort out which life would have to come first for me as its kinda more important. I am sure you all understand.
Situational acts:
This section is to demonstrate that you have the ability to handle various situations in the correct and most appropriate manner.

Situation one:
Players Bob and Carl join the server at about the same time. In one of the rounds, Alice gets killed by Bob. After Alice’s death, she files a report claiming that she wasn’t KOSed and that there was no one around to witness her traitorous deeds. The round after the same incident happens to the player Dave. He gets killed by Bob and files a report stating that he got RDMed, and no KOS was made against him.
You realise that in both rounds Dave and Alice killed Carl and that soon after were both killed by Bob, using the friends command you then notice that Bob and Carl are friends.

In this situation what would you suspect is happening?
 Meta gaming would be happening due to Bob and Carl most likely being in a call and Carl is reporting who is T to bob

What actions would you put in place to confirm your suspicions?
I would spectate bob and watch for Carls death in log. I would also see if anyone was around durring the death of Carl and if not then i would know that Bob and Carl are Meta Gaming

How would you deal with the situation after confirming your suspicions?
 First off i would give them both a warning to give them a chance to stop Meta Gaming. If they where to continue meta gaming i would kick them with a message stating Stop Meta Gaming or Do Not Return, You are ruining the other players Fun. If they where to come back and continue i Would Forward it to an Higher Ranked Staff member to ban them due to myself being unable to ban at my Rank.

Situation two:
As a round of TTT ends, a report comes in from player Alice. She states that she got RDMed and that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Bob, the player that was accused of RDMing, claimed that she was T-baiting. Talking to Alice more, she says that she was just shooting at a wall when she got killed by Bob.

How would you investigate this situation to know who was in the right, and what actions would you take after?
 If Alice was shooting at a wall it is still classified as T baiting due to her Shooting. But at the same time Bob should not have shot her unless she shot directly at him by purposely missing him <--- that Is proper T Baiting and is Unacceptable. 

What key circumstances/factors could change the outcome of who was right in this report?
 To be honest both of them where in the wrong. Alice for Technically T-Baiting and Bob for Technically RDMing. Instead of dishing out a slay i would tell them both to not do it again as Alice was shooting at the wall and Bob did technically RDM her. But instead of slaying one of them for doing the wrong thing when the other was as well i would give them both a warning!
I edited the application to make it more appealing to the eyes due to it hurting my own eyes when i read over it :/
+1. Good person tries to help out even though heavily denies being hollymacro

(edit, going down to neutral due to a poor behavioural incident)
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+1, I didn't personally see the 'behavioural incident' that Derp refers to, but when I've been on, BulletNoob is always a stand-up member of the community. My only criticism could be that he takes the game very seriously, which I personally believe is a fitting attribute for a mod.
This application has been DENIED due to your recent activity on the server. We encourage you to apply again in the future if you start playing more frequently.
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