Pacmanpowerghost's Trial Moderator Application
Trial Moderator Application

Steam Name & Commonly known as/Aliases:

Usernames: Pacmanpowerghost, 00pacman00 Octo Bobby and SplatPac

Discord: Pacmanpowerghost#6940



Age:  18 (19/07/2000)

Date Joined: (19/04/19)

Total Time: (17/06/19) 59hrs


Questions about you:

Have you previously held a staff position on a TTT Server?: Yes I held an Moderator position on Gummie Network and became admin when they changed to Galaxy Servers AU.

Are you familiar with ULX and/or RDM Manager?: I would need to get an update on both but have previously worked with the RDM manager.

How long/What time do you usually play TTT?: I tend to play on average a few hours (3 a day) during weekdays but if have more time I tend to play for up to 6-8hours. Due to my casual work I tend to play TTT around my schedule through work and will join in the afternoon or night depending on my shift patens.

What is your time zone?: AEST

Have you previously been punished more than a slay on the server in the past 6 weeks? If so why?: Just slays for my stupidity...

Roughly what date did you first join Sabertooth gaming TTT?: (19/04/19)

Have you read and understood all of our rules?: I have read the rules mutable times and constantly refer back to the motd if I'm unsure.

What's the most important thing that a staff member should keep in mind when dishing out any form of punishment?: There are many factors that come into play but I believe if your 100% sure on the perpetrator actions then the most important thing is to calmly and respectively communicate with them. After all everyone on the server to have fun and everyone should be treated with the same respect.

By memory can you list all current members of staff for the TTT server?:

Owner: Thungo

Super Admin: Addz, Peasants

Admin: Kat, Xylo

Mod: Renaeiessance (hope I spelt it right) Minatus
Trial mod: Bepis, Toby, Zeegs, Kraiser/Crab king(changes username too much), Panda(epued), Zathrow1, Derp

If I missed someone I am sorry!

How long have you been playing TTT?: I have been playing TTT since early 2014 around March or April, I used to play on Firey TTT and have recently been picking up the game over these past 2 years.

How many communities have you been in?: I have been in as follows in order.

Fiery Gaming TTT:

Gummie Network:

Galaxy Servers AU:

Dead Mans Gaming [DMC]:

If a fellow staff member or community member asked you to join the TTT server, how inclined are you to follow up on that request?: If I wasn't at work or in a splatoon tournament I wouldn't hesitate.

Situational acts:

This section is to demonstrate that you have the ability to handle various situations in the correct and most appropriate manner.

Situation one:

You’re on the server and it’s at its peak. There is about 14+ players currently on the server. During a round of TTT everything starts to get chaotic, multiple reports starts coming in suggesting someone is mass RDMing, whilst another player is mic spamming yelling disrespectful comments to other players on the server. As this is happening, a group of three joins the server having inappropriate racial slurs within their name.

Within this situation, how would you deal with each of theses players?

1st: I would gag the player that is 'mic spamming yelling disrespectful comments to other players on the server' and pm them "Please  from discriminating other members of the server you will be gaged for the next round and remainder of this round. You will be ungagged after this period, further punishment will occur if you continue." This being the 3 warning system until they would be banned for the servers Ban policy (I believe its a week)

2nd: I would kick the group of three with 'inappropriate racial slurs within their name' and provide a comment of "Please change your name to something more civil and appropriate"

3rd: I would find the root and the cause of the MRDM and compile the logs but also the reports as evidence to the incident. Making sure to go over the death scene if there were other factors or triggers to the event. If the player was found guilty dish out the appropriate slay count for the number of RDM's.

4th: As the day/night progresses watch closely at both the MRDMer and the group of three. To see if the RDMer continues to act and if the group of three to cause other problems such as meta gaming through likes of Rdm reports and their evidence given.

Situation two:

As a round of TTT ends, a report comes in from player Alice. She states that she got RDMed and that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Bob, the player that was accused of RDMing, claimed that she was T-baiting. Talking to Alice more, she says that she was just shooting at a wall when she got killed by Bob.

How would you investigate this situation to know who was in the right, and what actions would you take after?

What key circumstances/factors could change the outcome of who was right in this report?

There are two outcomes of this situation, either Alice was shooting to close to Bob and thought she was T-Baiting (Outcome 1 O1) or Alice was just messing around and shot no where near Bob 'shooting at the wall' and Bob tried to take a free RDM. (Outcome 2 O2).

The appropriate way to investiagate this is though the death scene. Once determined if Alice shot close to Bob O1 or was just shooting at the wall O2 these actions would occor.

O1: I would inform Alice that "Due to you shooting too close to Bob as proven by death scene this can be considerd as T-Baiting and can be considerd an action that can get you killed for. Knowing this Bob will not recive the slay" if this were to happen again this may result in a false report and may be given a slay.

O2: I would inform Bob that "Due to Alice shooting not near you or any other players this is not considered T-baiting and will resault in a slay." after this watching closely for further offences with Bob

In both outcomes keeping both parties aware of the situation and respectively communicating the reasoning and punishment.

Thanks for reading my application!
+1 regularly on and could be a very good addition to the mod team due to his experience and server attitude
Not enough people named Wolfgang these days.
+1 fairly active, has a good attitude I'd like to see him on the team.
P.S I changed a few times one day, now I've stuck to Geronimo/fantome
1+ Checking your game activity on gametracker and sir your activity is second to non - keep up the work and see you on the ttt field

You have been accepted onto the Trial Moderator phase, congratulations!
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