Unban Request ( Console Ban )
Steam Name: Sharky 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:235117013

User Who Banned You: Console

Reason Of Ban: Anti Cheat Apparently 

Your Version Of The Events: Was playing when map had changed then when loading I got a screen showing that I was banned and need to contact staff.

Why You Should Be Unbanned : Well this is my first ban and Ive never been banned before from this server. And Ive been ban before for rdm and leave on another server ages ago ( I can provide if needed )
Can you please provide a screenshot of your ban?
[Image: NZNqgdw.png]
I'm sorry but due to the fact that you haven't responded, I dont really have anything to go on, as we do not have an active anti cheat that would auto ban you so we're a little stumped. If you would like to reappeal I encourage you to do it and add a screenshot of your ban so that we can work this out. Although for now I will need to close and deny this appeal.
[Image: NZNqgdw.png]

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