Borzoi- Ban Appeal
Steam Name: Borzoi

Steam Community:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:79691233

User Who Banned You: Bepis

Reason Of Ban: Minge- Refusal to Stop Arguing, 1 Week

Your Version Of The Events: I made several satirical and subtle statements of which all pertained the recurring term
'Knot' or 'Knotting' despite the sexual nature of this word in these statements I incorporated it into real sentences despite my clearly satirical and humorous intention. I was warned once for these statements and once for questioning the warn as it was not specifically addressed by any rules. Shortly following this incident a user whom at the time was I believe named Kumoru was warned and kicked from the server for making similar statements however more direct and in his steam name. I questioned the warning and kicking since it was again not something that was punishable by the rules. I created various 'ASays' trying to reason with the admins on why they were warning and kicking for this and after much back and forth they finally told me that it was considered 'Discrimination and Harassment', I further questioned this as I could not see how my statements which were so subtle, satirical and few could be perceived as harassment. This was deemed as 'Minge Refusal to stop arguing' and I was kicked, upon rejoining I made a final statement in ALL chat (Not ASay) regarding the topic where I was banned by an admin for the above reason.

Why You Should Be Unbanned : Not only is 1 Week far too much for just "arguing" it is also an issue that as I had repeatedly stated both in-game and out could have been resolved in a single sentence. All I was asking was why what I had said was considered 'Discriminatory or Containing Harassment' if the admin whom was primarily speaking with me had explained the situation and its obvious complexities to me it would have been resolved rather quickly.

Finally, I'd like to request that those whom were involved in this not let their bias get in the way of a fair and ethical decision.

[Image: Capture.png]
Hi There,

While you may believe that you made it clear that your comments were in a joking manner, comments pertaining to sexual acts or anything related, no matter what context, are generally frowned upon. Also, while raising questions about your warns if you do not understand them is encouraged, repeatedly asking staff the same question will inevitably result in a situation like the one you are currently in. As to claiming that Bias is getting involved, the assumption that it will get in the way of "Fair and ethical decision" is unfounded.

While you say the rules are not clear for any of the aforementioned accusations, they are clear enough to be assumed knowledge. For example, Kumoru had inappropriate names several times which lead to warns and a kick. An explanation for the reason of your cease and desist is considered a lenient privilege, not a right. Staff had asked you several times to avoid making the statements that you did, and you continued while also proceeding to argue with staff.

I hope you can take your away time from the server to reflect on your actions and become a better person from the experience.

- Dusky
Thanks for making an appeal. I hope my response can elaborate on why you have been banned.

Firstly, when asked to stop questioning and arguing a subject, you stop. What you did, was drag it out for multiple maps.

In regards to the statements and comments you made, they do fall under what we would describe as discrimination and harassment; This is not tolerated and stated in the server's !motd. It doesn't matter how subtle it may have been, someone still noticed and took offence.

You were warned originally by a Trial Moderator and asked to stop with the comments. You continued to argue against this so I intervened. I then warned you to stop questioning and arguing a staff members decision. You continued on through to the next map were I then warned you that if you continued you would be kicked then possibly banned.

You continued, you got kicked  and asked to drop it. You joined back straight away and I warned you one last time that anything further will result in a ban. You continued, again, this time in the general text, not @chat. I then banned you for "Minge - Refusal to stop arguing.".
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After reviewing all evidence and responses from everyone I am keeping the ban but I am reducing it to only three days. If you are still unhappy with this decision message me on discord. Thank you.
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