corgi ban appeal!!
Steam Name: corgi ✿

Steam Community:

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:101716842

User Who Banned You: ✿ Princess Peasants 

Reason Of Ban: DDoS threat 

Your Version Of The Events:
Everyone was joking around (showing off binds etc) and I saw one that was poking fun at one of my previous ban reasons (I believe it was a joke ban) and I ended up saying something along the lines of: "ban me again and i'll ddos wait what". After that, I was informed by multiple people that making DDoS threats is in fact a bannable offence and that I was out of warnings due to my past on the server, which prompted me to stop. Then, the ban hammer struck me down-- and I was gone.

Why You Should Be Unbanned: 
I believe that I should be unbanned because I genuinely didn't mean what I said. Yes, it was a stupid thing to say-- especially given my past on the server and whatnot, but I genuinely didn't mean it. Though I'm making this appeal, I do believe that my ban was reasonable (again, given my past as well as this recent offence) and would just like a lesser sentence if doable.
I also don't know how to DDoS anyways. Not that that will assist me in being unbanned but I just thought I might as well throw that in.

Thank you for making your appeal, due to this not being a genuinely serious ddos threat we are willing to ignore this situation 1 time only so any future related jokes or threats we will have to take it seriously so please be more careful in the future.
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