Benny P-Gag Appeal
Benny: P-Gag Appeal.

Steam Name: Benny.

Admin who P-Gagged you: Lachy (If I can recall correctly)

Reason of P-Gag: Mic Spamming.

Your version of the events: My Brother as some of you know is Gussy: A well known member of the Australian TTT community, on this day he took hold of my mic and proceeded to blow and tap on the mic (mic spam). This is recent information i have only been informed about hence why my first application lacks it. This then took the mod Lachy over the edge where he proceeded to Perma-Gag me until about the 13/9/19 where i was let off the hook by an admin i have forgotten the name of. Earlier today (22/9) i was randomly P-Gagged once again by Rain or Bepis for no apparent reason. Over the days prior, I accidentally let an homophobic slur slip, But was forgiven for the ordeal so it shouldn't be the reason.

Why you should no longer bP-Gagged: I believe my P-Gag should be lifted because I have matured greatly over the 8 months and believe I deserve a second chance. Another reason is the fact that the Mic Spamming that occurred was not committed by me as just reiterated now by me. My third and final reason is the reason that i have been unable to enjoy sabertooth to its fullest because I am unable to verbally communicate with others and without the migration of this Gag, i may have to migrate servers. Hope an understanding can be reached, cheers everyone, this wont happen again.
I am Deeply Sorry - Benny 
Hi there, thank you for making your pgag appeal. As I don't know if I'm remembering your original pgag properly and it's been quite a while since, I am willing to lift the pgag and give you 1 final chance, if you get gagged for any reason you will be pgagged again without warning and you will not be eligible for an appeal for at least 3months. Please make sure you're up to date with the rules so you can avoid a new pgag.
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