LaserVenom Ban Appeal
Steam Name: LaserVenom

Steam Community:

Steam ID: 76561198390559782

User Who Banned You: Rain

Reason Of Ban: BRDM x 3

Your Version Of The Events: It started with me hearing someone fire a Deagle, which I believe was in the bathroom, and I thought something fishy was going on, so I decided to throw an incendiary grenade into the bathroom with no intention of killing anyone, but the bathroom must of had three people inside it, however the people couldn't leave the room due to someone body blocking the door with the added possibility that people were shutting the door in their faces. Therefore, these three people died and then reported me, however some of the people were saying on the Voice chat that this person was blocking the door. I responded to the reports with, "Sorry, it sounded like something fishy was going on in there." All three people didn't forgive me and therefore led to the ban.

I believe I should be unbanned because I had no intention of burning three innocent civilians with that grenade, that one of those people body blocked the door. I believe I should be unbanned because the voice chat of the people who were stuck in the room with the fire said that this person was body blocking the door, blocking their only escape route. I only did this because I was suspicious of what on earth was taking place in that bathroom, so I believe that I should be unbanned due to this incendiary grenade tragedy.
Thank you for making your appeal, I was AFK at the time of this event but came back to multiple reports, I heard somebody body blocked the door but were stuck on something ( possibly incendiary ) either way due to you killing 3 players with an incendiary i followed the process of a 1 week ban, I'm fine with the appeal but i just think you need to be more careful with throwing incendiary in future.
Thank you for taking the time to make this appeal, usually you would not qualify for an unban or time decrease for this situation, as you should not throw incendiary grenades as an innocent and that had been explained to you by a member of staff already but you did it again, so usually you would have to face the consequences. However you are quite new to the server you seem like you regret your actions and won't repeat them so I am will to unban you this one time only. Please learn our rules and listen to our staff because the next ban will have to stick. This ban will still count towards your 3 total chances before a permanent ban on this server.
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