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Steam Name & Commonly known as/Aliases: Ben - [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]Legendary [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]# 7261[/color][/color]

Age: 22

Screenshot of your amount of time played on Sabertooth’s TTT: 
[Image: 6TE9WQF.jpg]

Questions about you:
  • Have you previously held a staff position on a TTT Server? Yes.
  • Are you familiar with ULX and/or RDM Manager? Yes for both.
  • How long/What time do you usually play TTT? Everyday 6 in the arvo.
  • What is your timezone? GMT +11 Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra
  • Have you previously been punished more than a slay on the server in the past 6 weeks? If so why? Yes, I threw an incendiary grenade and crushed laservenom mid-air before it exploded by rubbing him with it when he was trying to jump on top of a box before it exploded. Plush can vouch for me as he witnessed it.
  • Roughly what date did you first join Sabertooth gaming TTT? I actually don't remember but I'd say 8 months ago?
  • Have you read and understood all of our rules? Yep, I know the specifics that vary slightly between servers like KOSing near unid bodies, HSUSing AFKs and etc.
  • What's the most important thing that a staff member should keep in mind when dishing out any form of punishment? Don't let your emotions and/or bias influence the severity of the punishment.
  • By memory can you list all current members of staff for the TTT server? Thungo, Peasants, Addz (retired), Woody Glasses, Pacmanpowerghost (Buzz Glasses), Plush, R---, Bepis. Uberz (forgot to add edit) No I cant I have to read the staff on discord if I were to list more.
  • How long have you been playing TTT? 5,000+ hours
  • How many communities have you been in? 5 including this one.
  • If a fellow staff member or community member asked you to join the TTT server, how inclined are you to follow up on that request? Will follow up if I am not currently doing work @ home.
Situational acts:
This section is to demonstrate that you have the ability to handle various situations in the correct and most appropriate manner.

Situation one:
You’re on the server and it’s at its peak. There is about 14+ players currently on the server. During a round of TTT everything starts to get chaotic, multiple reports starts coming in suggesting someone is mass RDMing, whilst another player is mic spamming yelling disrespectful comments to other players on the server. As this is happening, a group of three joins the server having inappropriate racial slurs within their name.

- Firstly. Gag the player without warning, would warn first if it's general mic spam. 
- Secondly. With reports they can be handled at the end of the round if it hasn't ended yet. Once round has ended check death scenes add slays if less than 2 BRDMs, ban immediately for a week if more than two BRDMs.
- Warn the players having inappropriate names if they do not change name before a certain amount of time kick them.

Situation two:
As a round of TTT ends, a report comes in from player Alice. She states that she got RDMed and that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Bob, the player that was accused of RDMing, claimed that she was T-baiting. Talking to Alice more, she says that she was just shooting at a wall when she got killed by Bob.

Check the deathscene of Alice see if she shot near Bob or in his general direction. If it is obvious she was not shooting anywhere at or near Bob then Bob will have a slay added for RDM. Otherwise no slay is given for either players if Alice is in the wrong.

[size=undefined]Thanks for reading![/size]
+1 Knows the rules, doesn't minge, highly active.

also a bit of a god
I would give a +1 but he's not quite good enough.

So i'll give a +2 instead.
+1 always one of the first on the server, follows and understands the rules.

Would be a great addition to the t-mods
+1 is pretty neat

although he forgot me and added uberz cucklord

still a good person and somebody i would trust to go for trial
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[Image: tenor.gif]           [Image: tenor.gif]

+1 cool
Heart wah wah wah  Heart
+ 1 Forgot me but otherwise knows his shit and is fucking good at the game
[Image: Go9HyNG]

Signatures don't work sincerely - Mchip

You have been accepted onto the Trial Moderator phase, congratulations!
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