wadeywoo123's Ban Appeal
Steam Name: wadewood

Steam Community: Sabertooth Gaming (why is this even here)

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56838820

User Who Banned You: Princess Peasants

Reason Of Ban: Metagaming/Ghosting

Your Version Of The Events: I was in the Sabertooth TTT discord with a number of other users. One of these people was a traitor who had died and had a T buddy alive. This person said something along the lines of "This game is going so slow because of this t buddy". My mind immediately jumped to a certain player due to their playstyle, so in chat I said "This Person is T, no kos". This lead on to someone giving a high sus due to my message, and they were then killed in overtime. They were indeed the traitor, and now here we are.

Why You Should Be Unbanned : I believe I should at least have a shortened ban as the situation was not 100% my fault. My initial message should not have been translated into a high sus. It was also only an assumption to who the person was, as there were no names mentioned by the person in discord. I do understand however if I must receive the full ban length, as I used information from outside the game.
I give you a hamburger.
Time reduction/Accepted

As being present to the situation and discussing it with all staff online of the incident and we do feel the full 4 weeks is a bit too harsh due to the situation. So I am reducing this ban to 2 weeks as I do realise this was not your intent and I trust this won't happen again as you have been in the community for a while now and this isn't something you had been warned for previously so in this case I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. I hope to see you back after this ban.
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