Warning this is a complete shitpost and is a massive waste of your valuable time.

Dear Sabertooth

Many of you may know me as "The Coolest" or "Woody the Sexy" or possibly even "Sick Cunt Woody".

It has come to my attention that I have been treated unfairly in the discord; I am constantly being harassed and targeted since I am a "kool kid", undeniably this stems from pure jealously and rage due to my many millions of dollars that I have just sitting in my bank account. 

Inspired by the recent #MeToo movement I have decided to speak up and expose these people who have deeply offended myself and my family.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-10-31-at-12-21-43-am.png] [Image: Screen-Shot-2019-10-31-at-12-23-00-am.png] [Image: Screen-Shot-2019-10-31-at-12-09-25-am.png] [Image: Screen-Shot-2019-10-31-at-12-13-46-am.png] [Image: Screen-Shot-2019-10-31-at-12-16-42-am.png] [Image: Screen-Shot-2019-10-31-at-12-18-57-am.png] [Image: Screen-Shot-2019-10-30-at-11-51-47-pm.png] [Image: Screen-Shot-2019-10-30-at-11-57-04-pm.png] [Image: Screen-Shot-2019-10-31-at-12-03-07-am.png]

These are the following people who I am currently exposing as well as their percentage contribution.
Derp - 22%
Toast - 18%
Punda - 14%
Oliver - 6%
Grace - 6%
MChip - 6%
UberZ - 5%
Hello - 3%
Bepis - 78%  -     Adjusted for inflation.
Rain - 3%
Corgi - 3%
Addz - 3%
Fred - 2%
Deed - 2%
Swolz - 2%
Toby - 2%
apaud - 2%

I'm the best.

and yes I did this at 12:30am AWST
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I only abuse you over voice chat bump me numbers up stoopid hed
It's "Beh-pis", not "Beep-is". I am not a horn no matter how horny I may get.
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is this just the saber discord cos i should be higher in mine according to your logic
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Counterpoint - No one cares about your feelings on this topic Woody, or should I say... Shoddy??!?!
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oi, nobody said be rude here, its strictly to discord only >Sad bad toast
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no lies have been made in this stupid, its only allowed in discord you should know this
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Shut the fuck up woody
3% tho
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Don't forget about the ones I delete when you're not on!
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Signatures don't work sincerely - Mchip
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Can we all just agree that woody is trash?
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