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yo sgarn'on ladies and gentlemen. Heres some random stuff.

I've been playing TTT since finest gaming in like idk, since i was 13, i am now 21.

This server isn't really f*cking laggy and a crash fiesta so I like it, idk why other servers cant do the menial task of just being normal. Moderation team looks like a top shelf bunch of blokes. 

I also love christmas my favourite time of the year means i have 3 weeks off work to play games n shit.

Also don't buy i9 9900kf they are really average for its price.

I try to do the right thing by everyone but sometimes I can become a little bit of a handful, just let me know and I'll either politely tell you to f*ck off or more than likely amend myself! Depends on what the request is.

Cheers for reading
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