Jaska V Ban Appeal
Steam Name: Jaska V

Steam Community: https://steamcommunity.com/id/VulpesJaska/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:97256325

User Who Banned You: Lord MChip

Reason Of Ban: RDM and Leave

Your Version Of The Events: I RDMed someone, Don't know if it was intentional or terrible game sense or whatever, I asked the Admin a couple of rounds later to deal with my slays or punishment for it as I was having sleep withdraws from my antidepressants and wanted to go to bed, nothing happened in a while and I just headed off. Come on a day later after work and I'm banned.

Why You Should Be Unbanned : I think it's a little unfair, no hard feelings you're trying to do the job and all as the moderator but like, I had stuff to do and I couldn't wait the additional rounds it potentially could of taken to receive the slays, no effort was to reach out to me in saying the report is being done or not back and forths from the admin team was made in terms of saying something of the lines of I needed to wait or anything. I already had to wait 1 or 2 or even 3 rounds for an action to be made and nothing had happened. Strictly speaking, I had I tight schedule following my game session and it had to be met, and I see that I gave the team in my opinion enough time to make an action.

Please, I just want to play TTT, I mean no harm by the community! I'm am willing to work back and forth with the team to see this through and moving forward have no furthermore issues!

Kind Regards, Jaska.
Hi, Jaska thanks for making an appeal!
So on the night in which you were banned, you had Brdmed once and RDMed another and then within two rounds of the RDM had left.
The first report in question you had BRDMed corgi and then killed the second person who saw you kill corgi but did not report you as seen here:

[Image: 20191202193050-1.jpg]

This was followed by the next round, Nikkita killing someone who was attacking him and you coming in halfway through the fight seeing Nikkita kill him and proceed to kill Nikkita without allowing him to ID the body, which was fine and you were given a slay for RDM.

[Image: 20191202192736-1.jpg]

But while dealing out these slay I noticed you had disconnected which occurred around the end of the 4th round, which as it had been only one to two rounds since the last RDM and was still the same round as I picked up the reports I dished out the final slay resulting in a ban. I was aware that you had said for us to "give me the slays so I can leave" but unfortunately that still constitutes a Leave slay. And as per the server rules 4 slays is a one week ban.
I apologize for the inconvenience as I can see that you just want to play TTT and you were looking to enjoy it over your holiday period but you received enough slays to constitute for a one week ban.
But due to the circumstances, I would be happy to have this appealed further.
[Image: Go9HyNG]

Signatures don't work sincerely - Mchip
I mean my ultimate goal is to see if I can remove or reduce this ban, is there anything we can work out? Even if it meant engaging with Corgi or coming to another compromise. I understand if the ban has to stick though despite my feelings towards it.

Cheers, I'll leave it with you guys to deal with it from here.
Hey there Jaska, sorry we didnt get to this sooner I wanted Chip's POV and to speak with my other Superadmin before replying to you on this one, I hope you understand.

Now as chip mentioned 4 slays in one map is a 1 week ban for our server although due to these circumstances I am willing to lift this ban as you did try to make it known that you had to leave and just wanted your slays. We understand when you have to go and you just can't wait around sometimes so we dont usually give the slay if you make us aware of needing to go before going although I would recommend for the future to send the admins a message through admin chat (@ before your message) if this situation reoccurs because we will be more likely to see any @ chat message over every public chat message.

I hope you enjoy your time back on the server. Try not to cop another ban ;D
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