Michael's Moderator Application
My Steam name is Michael19051 and everyone mostly reffers to me as Micheal

I am currently 16 years of age

[Image: ttt-de-nightfever0002.jpg]   my playtime should be in that screenshot

i have been an admin before on a ttt server
i am familiar with ulx and the rdm manager
i dont think im learning anything new but if theres anything new ill learn it
i usually play ttt for a few hour and mostly during lunch or in the evening sometimes also at night
10 hours a week is nothing
my timezone is utc/gmt + 1 hour
no i havent been punished
yes i have
the most important thing for a staff member to keep in mind is that it may have been an accident but it still happend and they should never be biased to anyone
the only ones i have seen are lord Mchip and Princess Peasants

Situation 1:

I would consider this situation to mostly be an accident but also be sallys fault because she is sprayin a huge from to far away into a corridor with explosive barrels so she would have to know that she would probably hit the barrels

I would just slay her three times because in the end she still rdmed 3 people

Situation 2:

I would consider this situation to be normal rdm because steve was chasing micheal with an explosive barrel and micheal then shot it because steve would not leave him alone

i would slay steve once for rdm 

i dont think there is anything else that would need to be done except tell micheal that he shouldnt have shot the barrel and should have waited to see if steve was really going to kill him.
Neutral - shown in the photo as only 18 mins of playtime. While you might have experience on other servers it would be wise to gain more time to learn the rules and meet more of the community and staff
[Image: tenor.gif]           [Image: tenor.gif]

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+1 fat 18 minutes playtime
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The worst part about this application (besides the lack of playtime) is the way this is formatted. It hurts my poor eyes.
Oh and I'm not even mentioning the spelling and grammar (or lack thereof).

While my opinion might not mean much, this is a very piss poor application.
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