sanicbear ban appeal
Steam Name: SanicBear

Steam Community:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:101739214

User Who Banned You: Renaeissance

Reason Of Ban: Metagaming - RSB (ban was extended from a few weeks to permanent due to frequent alt accounts)

Your Version Of The Events: i was RSB metagaming with my friend (planting the RSB on my innocent friend and getting him to run into crowds so i can detonate the RSB and kill loads of ppl). we did this for a few rounds until i was banned for a few weeks by Renaeissance. shortly after the ban, i got impatient and i made an alt then got banned on the alt. then i made about 8 more and got banned on most of them. creating these alts extended my ban to a permanent ban on my main acc.

Why You Should Be Unbanned: 
i should be unbanned because i am different now. im not a minge anymore and i genuinely just want to play ttt. while playing on my more recent alts i have not intentionally broken any rules as i just want to play on a good ttt server. in future i will not be as immature as i was before the ban and i will follow the rules the best i can.


Thank you for making this appeal. Due to the length of time your main account has been banned for and due to the original offence you were banned for not being something too extreme, I am willing to give you another chance. 

Please keep in mind that you will be watched closely, so please try to be on your best behaviour in the future. 

You will be unbanned from the discord as well as the server and forums as we would like to be able to give you a complete restart, so please again be on your best behaviour. We hope that you enjoy your time back in the community.
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