Corza's Moderator Appilcation
Steam Name & Commonly known as/Aliases: CorzaVision, Used to be called: ClassyGaming, Corzabananas (back then was trying to find a good name)

Age: 16
Screenshot of your amount of time played on Sabertooth’s TTT: 2D 12h 15m 44s (picture of time)
Questions about you:
Have you previously held a staff position on a TTT? 
No, Not in a long time but ill like to start up again as a staff member.
Are you familiar with ULX and/or RDM Manager?
Yes, I fully understand them
Do you believe that you are still learning new things about the gamemode TTT?
Yes, as there are things i still yet to understand
How long/What time do you usually play TTT?
Currently at a time that i usually wake up or i have time to as its a bit random, but i mostly play ttt till the server dies down or i have to go to bed or something
Would you find 10 hours a week something hard to achieve?
Kind of, but ill somehow try and achieve these hours
What is your timezone?
Have you previously been punished, MORE THAN A SLAY, on the server in the past 3 months? If so why?
No i don't think so. 
Roughly what date did you first join Sabertooth gaming TTT? 
Not too sure on that as game tracker only shows the date of my current username
Have you read and understood all of our rules, including the extended MOTD? Located in the top right corner on the motd both on the forums and in game.
Yes i have
What's the most important thing that a staff member should keep in mind when dishing out any form of punishment?
The Important thing in mind is that you check the report throughly, get both sides of the story then give the punishment to the reported person.
By memory can you list all current members of staff for the TTT server?
Princess Peasants
Lord Mchip

Situational acts:

Situation one: 
Sally is an innocent and is chasing a KOS’d T down the corridor on community bowling towards the tester. She is shooting down the hall at the Traitor with a huge despite being quite far away. The Traitor then starts running down the hall behind the alley and Sally follows continuing to shoot the huge at the Traitor. While firing she ignites a few explosive barrels which then explode killing the Traitor but also 3 innocents that were down the hall or around the corner and they all report her and kept the reports.

What would you consider this situation to be? BRDM
How would you deal with the reports?
What i would do is check the responses of the Reported and see if it is accidental if so then ill give her the punishment of the slays of the innocents that reported her as i explain that she just needs to be careful next time she shoots and beaware of the surroundings, then i slay the T for False Report of the inno, if she did it on purpose i would do the same as the accidental pretty much but ill warn her to not do that again and if she leaves ill slay her 1 more time for BRDM or Mass RDM and Leaving.
Situation two:
Player Steve at the start of the round holds up an explosive barrel and start chasing Michael with it. Michael repeatedly asks him to stop following him with the barrel but Steve just laughs it off and says he will kill him while continuing to chase him with the barrel; Michael then shoots the barrel killing himself. Michael proceeds to report Steve which Steve responds with “you shot the barrel not my fault” and Michael does not forgive him.

What would you consider this situation to be? Explosive items 
How would you handle this report? I would handle the report of telling steve to not follow Michael with the barrel and again and slay Micheal as it states in the rules that if the person that shoots the barrel is able to be KOS'd or Slain. 
Is there anything else you would need to do? No i dont think so, if i did make any errors please tell me.
If you have answered these situational acts well, you will be asked to have a chat on discord with @✿ Princess Peasants ✿, @Addz  and or @Thungo to answer a couple more questions and situational acts before receiving Trial Mod.
+1. Good, active person in the community. 10 hours isnt as much as it seems so im sure you can manage

Big question. Does this work ??➕1
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Hey Corza,
Great to see that you've applied,
So to start off I just wanted to let you know how your situational acts need improvement as you asked before I get to positives and negatives.
So For the first situation, while not clear and you handled it correctly I don't believe the situation meant that Traitor reported and it was just the Innos that were killed.
Secondly what Sally did would not be considered BRDM as she was not intentionally trying to kill the Innocents, what she did is what we would call, "preventable crossfire" which means you hurt someone in a situation where it was avoidable, in this case, that would be the situation. But yes you would only dish out 3 slays as one per person killed and from then if she left you would provide sally with the ban as 4 slays on one map is a ban. Although I must say I am glad you specify what they did wrong with the slays and they are well thought out explanations which will prevent confusion.

With the Second Situation, you get things a little backward, while yes in normal situations shooting a barrel is KOS and/or Slayable, in this case, Player Steve was T-Baiting which means he is KOSable as chasing people with barrel/ bringing barrels to populated areas is T-Baiting while shooting the barrel isn't the best option if no one is around to Eliminate the threat and then obviously if Steve was a T this would be Okay but he was not which means he was T-baiting which you would promptly warn him about and provide one slay for resulting in the death of Michael, and if he were to do this again give him two slays for each reoccurrence until he was done enough to get banned. In this situation had Michael killed anyone else he would be to blame unless he gave a proper warning for the blowing of the barrel.

Do not be discouraged for the most part you understood the situations there were just minor errors and if you do get Trial-Mod that is your chance to show that you can improve on these mistakes and be able to deal with them as if they were second nature.

Now on to Positives and Negatives!!!

- Very Active on frequently ( If not on the server, on discord)
- Active MIc User
- Seems to know the rules fairly well
- Openness to Learn
- A Little Iffy on the rules ( I Wouldn't call this good nor bad as T-Mod is a chance to learn and develop further knowledge of the rules)
- Can be Mingey (hasn't been in recent weeks - To memory)
- Forgot Ghost Toast ( Man HOW DID YOU GET RENAE AND NOT TOAST) Huh

Overall I would say the Positives Definitely outway the Negatives and I would love to see you get T-Mod so its a 
+1 From Me  Heart
[Image: Go9HyNG]

Signatures don't work sincerely - Mchip
+1 Very active on the server and usually likes to keep order in the community as well 
screeenshotting rdm logs and passing them onto the staff team when they arent on

i swear i started this positive and negative trend, date and fact check me
1+ Very chill and friendly guy and mentioned my name first in the staff list  Smile
+1 I forgot this, just like you forgot me Sad
legit tho I think you'd fit great on the team
Some people thing you're an idiot, I know it.
[Image: Zeegs.jpg]

+1 Chill dude, would be good
+1 great player to play with helps all the new people and isnt a minge
+1 yeah spot on @ɐpuɐd 100% completely agree

Congratulations you have been accepted for the Trial Moderator phase!
 You have been contacted asking when you will be available for your interview so please check your discord when you get a chance.
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