King Dondo Ban Appeal
Steam Name:
King Dondo

Steam Community:

Steam ID: 

User Who Banned You: 
Legendary (Ben)

Reason Of Ban: 
Map Exploit - 5 Week Ban

Your Version Of The Events:

Ok so since I decided to wait this long to appeal this might be a bit off, but to the best of my memory:
We were playing on Subway, just playing TTT and a I hear some people saying you can block the train with props. So naturally I go and check out whats happening and I see two people blocking the train with a prop. Can't for the life of me remember who they were. Anyway so next round I in my infinite wisdom decide to mess around with the train; but I would like to make it clear my intention was never to stop it, it was just to screw around. I wave a cone over the tracks before I attempt to throw it away. But for whatever reason I just didn't throw it away and left it there, I think I heard gunshots or someone said my name. Then the train gets blocked and I die to it before I am able to correct the mistake. 
   Also just gonna throw shade here, I wasn't the only guy blocking it, but I believe I was the only one out of 3-4 people who got banned for it, unless they got warnings and I didn't. So despite doing less than these people, I got a harsher punishment (I get that its cause of my past warnings on similar things but still, feels a bit unfair). Or I could be totally wrong and they did get banned, in which just ignore this.

Why You Should Be Unbanned 

Because to put it simply it was never my intention to map exploit. Was I being a dumbass? Yes absolutely. But did I purposefully try to break the rules? No. Just two rounds earlier I put something in admin chat about the ghost door being broken again (i.e being able to move it). I did this because I was aware it was an exploit and it shouldn't be used. Why would I do this then go to block the train literally straight after? Reporting an exploit then immediately using another one makes zero sense. 
But at the end of the day all I did was block a train once and I think the 2 and a half weeks I've already served (cause I waited so long to write the appeal) is a good enough ban for the action. Another 2 and a half weeks won't make me reflect on an accident any more. But despite never lying in my appeals my instincts tell me you are gonna think I'm full of crap anyway (Trust me I do understand how dodgy it sounds), so if you do believe that I'm just reiterate that I believe time served for the offense is fair. 

Also sidenote, I didn't use Chips appeal so I ain't giving him a cookie. 
Dear Dondo,
Thank you for taking the time to write your appeal. After reviewing this and speaking to Legendary, We have decided to reduce your ban to only four weeks (5 days remaining). We feel like you already understand that you shouldn't be map exploiting and even testing the boundaries like this is still bannable.
If you have any questions, please DM either myself or peasants on discord. Thank you
Treat others, and yourself, with kindness.

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