PGAG Appeal
Well if you believe it or not i am back after a year lol. however after time off the server and time away to recall my actions i would like you guys to reconsider my pgag appeal. yeah i was a toxic little turd but yet again i have no excuses for my actions other then being an idiot. i would like to be ungaged as i feel like after a little over a year i believe my actions have changed and that i can improve on my previous actions, however if you guys don't wanna ungag then that's cool, your server your rules 

Kind Regards

*sigh* Despite you not using the correct template for this appeal, I am willing to accept this appeal as it has been a decent amount of time since you were originally gagged. Please note that due to your past behaviour on this server you will have very limited chances of slip up so please be cautious on what you say and try and keep your interactions with others as respectful as possible. If you are to be gagged more then 3 times after being unpermanently gagged you will have to be permanently gagged again so please be careful with your words. We hope you stick around and this time round your experience with our community will be different Smile
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