Envy's TTT Ban Appeal
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Steam Name: Envy

Steam Community: https://steamcommunity.com/id/EnvysDawn/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:106749511

User Who Banned You: LaserVenom

Reason Of Ban: BRDM + BARDM

Your Version Of The Events: 

Well, I thought LaserVenom was Traitor as it was LaserVenom + McCHIP and myself on the server, I then turned around and gunned down fellow soldier McChip (Which wasn't the right thing to do) Which I then realized, that LaserVenom was the traitor. During that time i was yelling out, "Ill tale the BRDM + Slay which was also not the right thing to do. 

Why You Should Be Unbanned
Honestly, I want to apologize to McChips personally, for making his experience of the game, a bad one. I also swear "Never to RDM again, as its not fun for the other player and i know it wouldnt be fun it i was RDMed. I feel as you should un-ban me because I'm a lovely soul to the server always bringing smiles with my laugh and funny jokes <3 
Things to add to your appeal: You were also banned for BARDM, which you didn't explain in your appeal, however I will say what happened for you:

During Round 6 of Whitehouse you yelled out "Fuck this!" and shot M-Chip with a shotgun for 45 damage, which then he knifed you, ending the round.

Things to note: I was in spectator dealing with the BRDM report, and I only unspectated myself during that round (Which somehow is included in the logs) and Ben said rip (he was also in spectator too) during the round this occured and the only person that had died that round was you.

Conclusion: I feel like there could have been an error as the logs weren't checked and I followed from what Ben had said, as we were switching maps by the time I did this. I honestly think there was a mistake made here and I would agree to appeal your ban.

P.S. I think you'll RDM again at some point, I highly doubt you'll be able to keep that promise but try to avoid getting yourself banned for BRDM again at least.

Thank you for taking the time to make this appeal, usually you would not qualify for an unban or time decrease for this situation, although after hearing from you over voice and listening to all Moderators that were involved in this or witnessed this happen, I feel it would be reasonable to lift this ban as you are quite new to the server and now you understand how this server takes action so I believe you will try to make sure that this sort of situation does not occur again. However this ban will still count on your record towards your 3 total chances before a permanent ban, so I recommend learning our rules and listening to our staff because the next ban will have to stick.
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