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If you have excessive staffing experience in TTT or have previously been staff for our server and you’re interested in being able to help Sabertooth staff do reports/deal with minges and other staffing duties but you don’t always want to have that responsibility and sometimes just want to play the game or you just don’t have the time then you can approach Thungo, Addz or Princess Peasants expressing your interest in having the role ‘Trusted’. 

Being trusted would mean you have access to everything essential a Moderator has although keep in mind you would not be considered staff so that means you would not be involved in staff chats out of game, staff meetings and discussions/decisions that we make for the server. It would also mean that if there isn’t much going on then staff get priority on duties, so if you’re asked to step back that's what is expected to happen.

If you are currently staff and would like to have this role instead you must know that you need to have not been staff for at least 1 month so that you know you can’t just swap between staff and this if you feel like it. If you want to become staff again you will also need to go through the application process again.

Please note that there will be an interview and trial period for this role as well and that means that you may also need to be patient on receiving it, as Thungo, Addz and I have a lot going on most of the time so we would need to find a time we’re all or most of us are free to conduct and interview and also to oversee the trial phase, so we confidently know you do not need supervision before being made Trusted.
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