RowleyJefferson' Ban Appeal
[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-09-15-at-11-12-40-pm.png]

Steam Name: RowleyJefferson'

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77941138

User Who Banned You: Barry's Box (11:00 pm 15/9/20)

Reason Of Ban: "Hacker man"

Your Version Of The Events:  I am not privy to Barry's reasoning or what led him to the conclusion of hacks being used.  However, the ban was preceded by a round wherein I was very elusive and hitting a number of lucky head-shots.  Besides the former, I am clueless to the reasoning of the permanent ban.

Why You Should Be Unbanned As I am not using hacks, I believe it is only fair that I regain the ability to play on the server.  I don't really understand what precipitated this permanent ban.  
Hey Winnie,

First of all I apologise for the inconvenience with this. Unfortunately the staff team made a bad call with this ban and carried it out against you despite not having any sort of 100% solid evidence. It was possible your erratic playstyle caused this decision. However, you will be unbanned now.

Again, on behalf of the staff team I apologise.

Enjoy the server Smile
Treat others, and yourself, with kindness.

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