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Steam Name:  Lucid JayGC

Age: 19

Time Played on Sabertooth TTT: 4 days, 1 hour and 50 mins as of screenshot.
 [Image: ebts0lJ.jpg]

Why do you think you should be Moderator; what would you do as a Moderator?
I believe I should be chosen as a Moderator as I am a dedicated member of the community, I like to help the community grow and continue to be the positive community it is today. I have also previously been admin, super-admin and temp admin on the server and as such I would love to join the staff team again officially.

What does the Moderator rank mean to you?
The moderator rank is a way that I can help the community as an official staff member in ways I could not before. It would also mean that I would be able to represent the server as more than just a temp-admin and deal with player's grievances  more efficiently to uphold the reputation that Sabertooth has gained for itself as a positive, friendly community.

Situational Acts
This section is to demonstrate that you have the ability to handle various situations in the correct and most appropriate manner.
Red: I am the only staff member connected
Blue: There are multiple staff members connected.
Green: How I would proceed

Situation one:
Players Bob and Carl join the server at about the same time. In one of the rounds Alice gets killed by Bob. After Alice’s death she files a report claiming that she wasn’t KOSed, and that there was no one around to witness her traitorous deeds. The round after the same incident happens to the player Dave. He gets killed by Bob and files a report stating that he got RDMed, and no KOS was made against him.

You realise that in both rounds Dave and Alice killed Carl and that soon after were both killed by Bob, using the friends command you then notice that Bob and Carl are friends.

In this situation I would suspect that Bob and Carl are metagaming

As the only staff member on the server I would force myself to be traitor for the next round and conduct a meta test as stated above if the test is successful [View the Green below] if the test was not successful I would leave the suspects for a few rounds and if they continued I would A. pm another staff member to assist or B. Once a respected or trusted member is selected as Traitor acquire their help following that I would [Green]

Given my suspicions I would notify the other staff members of my suspicions using admin chat and ask if any of them would like to help me "Meta-Test" them. A meta test usually consists of a staff member forcing themself or another staff member to be a traitor for the next round and finding one or more of the suspected "Metagamers" as such the staff member would kill the suspected metagamer and attempt to be RDM'd by the other. If the tester is killed by the second meta-gamer then it would be deducted that the two are metagaming.

Following a successful metatest where the suspects have been found guilty I would add all suspected players to the watchlist for metagaming, add one more set ban to each of them then ban the participating metagamers for a period of 4 week.

Situation two:
You’re on the server and it’s at its peak. There is about 14+ players currently on the server. During a round of TTT everything starts to get chaotic, multiple reports starts coming in suggesting someone is mass RDMing, whilst another player is mic spamming yelling disrespectful comments to other players on the server. As this is happening, a group of three joins the server having inappropriate racial slurs within their name.

Dealing with Mass RDM: 
Using the logs I would determine if the suspected person is in fact Mass RDMing if they are then they would be slain, added to the watch list for Mass RDM, 1 set ban added then banned for 1 week.

Dealing with Spamming and yelling:
I would mute and gag this player warning them what they are doing is against the rules [I would then ungag and unmute] if the behavior continued I would warn them once more and if it happened again a Pgag would be issued and I would tell them they will need to appeal on the forums if they want it removed [If chat spam continues see Green] .

Dealing with Racial Slurs in name:
I would notify the players in question that their names do not comply with the server rules and ask them to change their names before the next round, if they do not I would kick them asking to change their names again, if they still do not comply [See Green]

If any of the above behavior continues:
If any of the behavior continues and sufficient warning and prior punishment has been given then I would ban the people in question for 1 week with the reason of [Minge]

Situation three:
As a round of TTT ends, a report comes in from player Alice. She states that she got RDMed and that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Bob, the player that was accused of RDMing, claimed that she was T-baiting. Talking to Alice more, she says that she was just shooting at a wall when she got killed by Bob.

I would use the death scene of Alice to see where she was shooting and for how long, I would also check the chat and ask Bob to see if any T-Baiting warnings were given if not I would ask a player I trust if they heard any given in voice [If warnings were given see Green] [if not see Red]

Green:If T-baiting warnings were given then I would refer Alice to the !MOTD which states in "What Will Get You Killed" that the 1. thing is T-Baiting and warn her not to do it, after this I would set the report to finished and not slay anyone.
Red: If no warnings were and Alice was in fact shooting at the wall and there is no way she could be seen to have been shooting at someone else then I would slay Bob with the reason "RDM, She was shooting at the wall and no T-Baiting warnings were given."

Key things that would change my response to this instance would be if Alice was shooting in someone's direction or anywhere other than the wall which means that Bob had every right to kill her for T-Baiting without warnings and I would notify Alice of this using Admin-Respond in ULX so that she can avoid this next time.

As a moderator, I, Lucid JayGC, will always try to commit to the server and making it a better place for players within it. I will maintain the servers rules and morals and swear to never abuse my power and rank against other players of the server.
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+1 may have walked away but everyone deserves a second chance <3
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+1 seems like a nice boy who could mod x
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damn ok fine +1
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+1 He knows what hes doing and how to handle it.
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+1 as he has previous experience.
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+1 he did it before successfully and then quit AND HE CAN DO IT AGAIN

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+1 knows how to handle things maturely and hes super nice
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-1, is from Tasmania >:C

+2, knows what he's doing

Feel free to apply again in the next apps.
If you wish to find out where to improve, feel free to personally message me on discord.
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