Jedi and Respected rank changes
As you might have noticed, recently the Respected Applications were changed to Jedi Applications. So with that, I'd like to explain what the deal is with the new Jedi rank, and what's happening with the Respected rank.

So, first thing that I want to mention. The Respected rank is not disappearing. There is now just an extra step to getting Respected, and that's requiring Jedi first. Respected is still a requirement to apply for Moderator.

You can no longer apply for Respected. You instead apply for Jedi, which is a mostly community based rank. If you receive a decent amount of +1's on your Jedi application, you're pretty much guaranteed to get it. For the most part, Jedi is if you are well known and liked by the general community. And receiving -1's doesn't mean you won't get Jedi, either. Ultimately it will come down to either my or any Superadmins decision.

To receive the Respected rank, you will need to be promoted for it. How this will work is the moderators and admins will get together and see if there are any current Jedi players who we either respect, or we have noticed the community respect. Still yet to be determined if this will be a frequent thing (e.g. once a week, fortnight, month), or just an infrequent "on the whim" kind of thing.

If you are unsure, or would like clarification, personally message me on discord and I will help clarify with you, or potentially edit this post.
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